The Beach Of Tanjung Lesung

The Beach Of Tanjung Lesung

Location: Tanjung Lesung Beach, Banten, Indonesia

Indonesia has various tourist destinations that will never run out for a visit. If you are a tourist who was fond of travelling, of course hunting sights became a necessity. But sometimes some people consider among the tourist destinations with the distance of the journey.

For example, in Jakarta as a metropolitan city, many people assume that there are no interesting tourist attractions in the Capital area. Whereas there is a coastal tourist destinations can be reached within a few hours of time from Jakarta, i.e. the beach of Cape Lesung.

This beach is located adjacent to the area of Ujung Kulon, Banten, and included in the protected areas i.e. Special Economic Area of Cape Lesung. So for those of you who want to travel to the coast in Banten must drove 180 km from the Centre of Jakarta and is a road trip about 4 hours 30 minutes. 2, the current journey to get to this area very smoothly and is not jammed.

The price of admission at the beach of Tanjung Lesung

To be able to access the coast in Banten area, you do not need to spend on expensive because everyone just cost IDR25,000,-on a typical day, and IDR40,000,-per person on weekends. In addition, you are subject to a tariff for vehicles parking at IDR5,000,-. Quite affordable, not cost to enjoy the spacious beaches and wonderful? If you are visiting this beach when carrying a toddler, you will not incur additional charges.

Route To The Coastal Location Of Tanjung Lesung

Although his name was not as immersing as Anyer Carita Beach or Beach of Tanjung Lesung, but no less charming for tourists. The beach is usually deserted when it would be much more Sunday than Saturday, therefore we recommend that you prepare an exact day before deciding to pay a visit there.

The Beach Of Tanjung Lesung

The streets leading to the location of the point very smoothly due to pass through the toll, so don't be afraid of prolonged stuck because of the Jakarta Attack towards passing the toll so that your trip will be faster. However should you have to fill in a full FUEL in advance if you are coming from the outside. You can also select several routes to choose from, according to the region where you are located. The following routes that could be used to support your journey:

1. Through the Attack

Attack-Pandeglang Panimbang-Labuan-Cape-Dimples

This route is more time consuming than short You should be past the North coast of Anyer and Carita through. Through this route, you just drove as far as the 174.7-km if from Tangerang.

2. Through the Jakarta

Jakarta-Jakarta-Merak toll take the Eastern Attack-Attack-Pandeglang-Labuan-the beach of Tanjung Lesung

3. Through the second option Jakarta

Jakarta-Jakarta-Merak toll exit through Cilegon lines Anyer and Carita-Labuan-the beach of Tanjung Lesung.

Attractions in the beach of Tanjung Lesung

For some people who have already visited several beaches in Banten like Beach or Anyer Carita, we recommend that you do not miss the beaches located on the Bull, Banten, this is because there will provide a view of the beach and its natural atmosphere that None of the other beach destinations. Not just presented with the beauty of the beach and the fresh air on the beach of Tanjung Lesung many other things that you can enjoy that is as follows:

The Beach Of Tanjung Lesung

1. Relaxing on the beach
If you are a tourist who is reluctant to explore around the beach area, you simply set up a tent or bring your own beach umbrella and rolling out a mat to relax. By sheltering under a very shady trees and merges with the beach and the wind waves rumble interfere, of course time on holiday You will feel pleasant. But if you want to swim and capture the moment in the area of the beach, you can play the water on the beach and enjoy the beach of bluish color.

2. Enjoy the Sunrise and Sunset

Not only can enjoy the beach and the waves rumble interfere, it digadang-gadang be a proper tourist destinations for those who like to watch the sunrise and the sunset behind the son of Krakatau. Usually some tourists who want to hunt the moment the sun rises, while they work out around the beach area such as jogging.

3. Enjoy the rides at the beach

If snorkeling is not yet satisfy Your penchant for passion, there are some options that you can rent a vehicle. Some vehicle rides can be categorized as usual until the adrenaline. Some of the rides is among other things:

Banana boat
Boat kanoe
Jet ski
Beach Volleyball

4. Enjoy the beauty of the beach from the pier
The pier at the beach of Tanjung Lesung is the most widely hunted by tourists who are mostly still young children. In addition to enjoying the beauty of the beach from the pier, it can also be used to lure fish. But for those of you who have a hobby of fishing and want to fish in this area we recommend that you bring your own fishing tools from home because in this place there are no Rod tool rentals.

5. Snorkel
For those of you who have a hobby of watching marine life, beaches of Tanjung Lesung is certainly becoming the right coast to channel your hobby. With diving, you can see the beauty of the underwater because this beach is a location into a coral reef conservation area. There is no need for diving away to Bali instead?

6. Watch the Performances
If you're lucky, when the day of your arrival at this beach usually aka tone performing arts such as dance to debus. These shows are often performed when night, so for those of you who want to stay in this coastal area with set up tents with friends can watch this show.

In addition to the six activities to explore the area of the beach, you also can go to the bridge of Cape Lesung. There are usually utilized the tourists to take pictures together because it is very instagramable. Although his name is less familiar in the ears of the traveller, the beach is already very complete with facilities and rides are offered. So for You wait, please visit the Bantam at the Beach of Tanjung Lesung as Your vacation destination.
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Location Gumuk Pasir Yogyakarta

Location Gumuk Pasir Yogyakarta

Among the Depok Parangtritis Beach and there is a view of the impressive and unique i.e. There is desert sand that is usually found in the countries of the Middle East or North Africa. Of course this is not just any desert because this natural phenomenon exists only on the southern coast of Jogjakarta in kaliurang Parangtritis beach. The presence of the desert is of course a magnet for tourists because of local travelers need not be all the way out of the country just to see the sandy dunes, currently fairly came to the Jogjakarta and scenery typical of desert sand can enjoyed.

Knoll or mound of sand dunes are the result of a natural phenomenon for centuries or even millennia.  Activity of Mount Merapi, Parangtritis Beach and Opaque, creating an exceptional work of sand dune. The sand there is Mount Merapi volcanic materials carried by the flow of the Opak River until its estuary in the South Sea. The next process is the great ocean waves buffeting and constantly causes the volcanic materials undergo grinding and became a grain of sand that is very smooth. A grain of sand then swept away by the wind to the Mainland and creating a desert sand dune named by locals.

The desert is known as the sand dune. Currently, sand dune becomes attraction for the visitor who originally only wanted to come to Parangtritis beach or beach. They are flocking like myself to come to this place to enjoy the uniqueness and beauty of one of the natural phenomena that exist in Indonesia, Southeast Asia even though. There is a sand dune in Parangtritis has even been recognized as world heritage or world heritage by the United Nations. So this place's popularity is increasing very rapidly and became the main destination when it comes to Jogjakarta.

Parangtitis sand dunes has been well managed by local citizens and local governments. This area has been styled and developed to attract the tourists who came to the Jogjakarta. The visitor who came not only come from Jogjakarta, but many citizens outside the busy-busy Town came to this location to enjoy to view and of course air-selfie together with a partner or friends. Travelers who come from varied young people up to the adults.
Another attraction is the tourists could feel the sensation of surfing from the top of the Hill using a slide Board or famous with the term sand boarding. There are several places with skating Board rental price varies depending on the length of its duration. Generally the person who will try to challenge the activity of this extreme and attempt to conquer the dunes.

Southern sand dune site is very easy to reach so that tourists who are interested in coming to this location does not have to worry about. Sand dunes in the East or West Coast of Depok Parangtritis beach. There is a smooth asphalt road into the dune so that makes it easy for travelers to find this location.
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Gulf Coast Asmoro Beach Malang

Gulf Coast Asmoro Beach Malang

Gulf Coast Asmoro Beach

Address: Embankment, Sitiarjo, Sumbermanjing, Malang, East Java, Indonesia 65176
Malang has a variety of beautiful beaches. Already many of the Beaches that have become favourite tourist travellers. But not a few others still just opened as 
Gulf Coast Asmoro Beach. The beach is still not familiar in the ears of the lovers of the beach because of newly-opened since the year 2017 thanks to the completion of the Southern Trails projects in the Poor South.

However, the natural beauty in the Bay of 
Asmoro Beach no less than other beaches. It has white sand with a blend of blue sea together with the small islands of green trees and making the Gulf Coast Asmoro Beach deserves to be visited by tourists.  Even a cluster of small islands is often likened to the Raja Ampat.
In addition, because it is still new, the beach is still quiet visitors so you'll feel the thrill of a vacation to a private beach. Well, if you're interested to find out more about this beach, yuk refer his review here.

The price of admission to the 
Gulf Coast Asmoro Beach
If you want to enjoy the beauty of this beach tourists must buy a ticket in advance. You don't need to spend a lot of money, enough IDR10000 per person you can already go into the 
Gulf Coast Asmoro Beach. As for the price of two-wheeled vehicles, parking rate of IDR5,000 and four-wheeled vehicles of IDR10000.

For facilities that do not offer hope because it was new. One of the facilities that are available is the gazebo. If you do not receive the gazebo, you can shade in some small caves in the coastal area. Then, because there are no stalls, it is advisable to bring your own supplies. Lack of facilities at this beach is the absence of toilets, so if kebelet urination and big, you have to improvise.

Location and route to 
Gulf Coast Asmoro Beach 
This beach is located in the village of Tambakrejo Sumbermanjing Wetan, Malang Regency, East Java province. If the city of Malang, this beach is about 73 kilometres to the South. To get there it takes a trip around a 3 to 4 hour drive.

Although Goa China's Beach, you will pass through the roads that are relatively far away if the following line to the coast of Goa. From the city of Malang, take the road heading south to the Sub Bululawang. Then go to the fork in place of Krebet sugar factory. From here, continue on to the beach Blue Spring.
Besides the above, there is one more route to Gulf Coast Asmoro Beach i.e. path to follow the coast of Clungup. The line was much closer than the previous line just more challenging. One tip to go to the beach this is don't be shy to ask the locals.

As a side note, the path to the beach may not be too smooth because it was new to open. There may be a few yangtelah lines on the asphalt, but don't get surprised if there's some way that is still made of soil and rock.

Attractions in Gulf Coast Asmoro Beach
There are several tourist attractions which you can enjoy on the beach of the Bay of Yuka Meonk. These include:

1. A cluster of Islands
The name of the Bay is not merely the name Yuka Meonk only. If seen from a height, a cluster of islands that are on these beaches look like forming the sign of love or "love". These small islands are reminiscent of the famous Raja Ampat it. Of course, this being one of the charms of this beach.

2. Snorkling
It has a relatively quiet although currents are in the coastal area South of Java island. Usually the beach is located to the South of Java has large waves. Thanks to this quiet water you can enjoy views of the sea of the Gulf Coast Asmoro Beach awah. There is a view of a wide variety of coral reefs and marine life that you can enjoy snorkeling here.

3. the Sunset
It was clear if sunset is a phenomenon that highly anticipated when visiting the beach. However, sunset on the beach this is different because of the cluster of small islands that exist provide different silhouettes and amazing.

4. Camp out
If you want to enjoy the natural beauty of the Gulf Coast Asmoro Beach any longer, you can do the activities of the camp here. There are some spots that are ideal for camping. Bring your camping equipment from the Beach House because there is no place to rent the equipment. And another one, keep the cleanliness of the beach when camping.

5. The Gazebo or Goa
As mentioned above, the beach provided a gazebo for shelter. But it turns out there are also Beaches in goa-goa attracts little attention. In addition can be used as a shelter, goa-goa is also the attraction of Gulf Coast Asmoro Beach.

brief reviews of plagues Gulf Coast Asmoro Beach. This beach is a quiet beach with lovely views. Its water is clear blue and there is a cluster of small islands which add to the beauty of this beach.
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Location Route of Madasari Beach

Location Route of Madasari Beach

Madasari Beach Pangandaran
Address location: JL. Pantai, Masawah, Cimerak, Pangandaran, West Java, Indonesia 46595
If you are stopping over in Pangandaran, West Java, kabasaran excursions to the beach Madasari is the right choice. Although there are many shore excursions in Pangandaran Beach, yet only Madasari which has a panoramic view of nature is pretty good. Not only that, the natural conditions of its shores are still quite natural because it is rarely touched by tourists, making it better suited for a vacation to cool off.

Location Route of Madasari Beach

While on a trip to the beach will find Madasari make sure the trees Terminalia catappa are lined up along the beach. Keberadanya kinda hard to reach travelers, because in a relatively remote and Cimerak if Pengandaran from the beach could take approximately 50 km. below complete information of how to enjoy the beauty of the beach of Madasari in Pangandaran, West Java.

The price of admission at the beach Madasari
Motor IDR7,000,
Wheels IDR25.000,
Small bus IDR110,000,
Big Bus IDR160,000,

Route to the location to the beach Madasari
The beach of Madasari is located in the village of Masawah Sub-district Cimerak, Regency of Pangandaran. To get to the beach, from the city centre towards Pangandaran Cimerak Beach Tourism object, passing the Stone. Then from Legokjawa towards straight Cimerak, turn left into Bulakbenda and get Madasari.
Tourism in the beach Madasari

Location Route of Madasari Beach

The State Of The Beach Madasari
The beach of Madasari is able to offer a very beautiful natural view nan. Not only that, crashing waves of the sea is quite decent sehigga place great for surfing. Although the distance traveled quite far, but along the way you will become the natural beauty as well. Perhaps for those of you who like the silence of nature, day trips to the beach of Madasari in West Java, it is perfectly fitting to quiet the mind. Because of this coastal area still looks so natural and is rarely visited by tourists. But in the beach has provided some public facilities, such as a prayer hall and Tolilet.

Roll waves and Coral Beach
You need to know primarily prospective tourists Madasari Beach, in the water receding beaches must be vigilant because in the coastal area are still many sea urchins who get carried away by the waves roll. But there are moments of the most fun that you can see on the coast of Madasari, i.e. be able to see the sea waves slammed into reefs as high as 5-6 meters, because it cannot be seen on any beach.

Explore the nature around the beach Madasari
Now is the time you do your adventure with nature hike around the beautiful Madasari Beach. According to locals in the neighborhood of Pangandaran Beach Madasari are still many animals that are nearly extinct, for example, Partridge or cangehgar. Not only that, there is a small island in the coastal area, so add a very attractive natural scenery and amazing. It would be nice if you visit the beach this bustling crowded like Madasari with my family or friends – let the atmosphere is more cool and exciting.

Waiting For Sunset
IKA you visit Madasari to afternoon Homecoming, then could see the beauty of the charm of the setting sun. You are obligated to take pictures with the background of the panorama of nature that is natural to become a memorable moment. We encourage you to bring the provision of food or beverages from home for more frugality and can be enjoyed at dusk began to come. But remember, don't get home too late at night because the access is not easy.
You might want to take a vacation to the Beach Madasari Pangandaran? Make sure all your Lovato enjoyed enough power throughout the exploitation of natural beach.

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Talun Waterfall Batu Malang

Talun Waterfall Batu Malang

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Srau Beach Pacitan

Srau Beach Pacitan

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