Grenjengan Waterfall Mojokerto

Pacet tourist area located in the town of Mojokerto, East Java-popular with the thermal baths that are always crowded tourists every weekend, even a summary of when labor day also always crowded. However, the tourist areas the distance is not too far from the city of Surabaya also has other tourist potential in the form of penderasan which is well worth a visit and not yet known many people, namely the waterfall Grenjengan. For the citizens of Surabaya and surrounding areas, if looking for attractions in the form of a friendly penderasan city of Surabaya, was able to visit the waterfalls of Grenjengan in the tourist district of Pacet.
Grenjengan Waterfall Mojokerto

This time I will make the experience of visiting the sights in Pacet, Mojokerto-namely the Grenjengan Waterfall
If we lived in Surabaya and the plan want to soak in the outdoor hot spring, our minds will be directed to the tourist district of Pacet. Because the pacet tourist area located in the north slope of Mount Welirangletkanya was very friendly with the city of Surabaya, only about 60 km or can afford is about 2 hours drive. In the tourist areas is Pacet hot spring Padusan and there is also a swimming pool large chilly wet. In addition in the tourist area there are also Waterfalls pacet Coban Canggu and Grenjengan Waterfall.

Grenjengan Waterfall Pacet Mojokerto

Grenjengan waterfall is located in the tourist district of Pacet, in the village Padusan, district Pacet, Mojokerto of East Java. To get to the tourist district of Pacet itself there are several routes that is able to:
If it is from the town of Mojokerto we able to pass route Mojokerto-Pacet with mileage of 30 km, or capable of passing routes Mojokerto-Mojosari-Pacet which is about 40 km
From the city of Suarabaya was able to pass ruet Krian areas-Mojosari-Pacet or passing routes Sidoarjo – Gempol-Mojosari-Pacet, second route is about 60 km from Surabaya
From the town of Pasuruan, was able to pass the route of Gempol-Pandaan-Prigen-Trawas-Pacet, or capable of passing routes Gempol-Mojosari-Pacet
From the direction of Malang Pandaan routes pass-able Prigen-Trawas-Pacet or passing routes Cangar stones-Pacet
If we pass the route of Trawas, we are able to pass through Dlundung, and penderasan around the area there are also penderasan Tretes Putuk Truno and Grandfather penderasan Bodo

The uniqueness and specialness of the waterfall Grenjengan in Pacet-Mojokerto

The atmosphere is very quiet and calm, that is one uniqueness waterfall Grenjengan. The existence of the Grenjengan Waterfall is not yet well known visitors tour the Pacet, it creates a penderasan is still very quiet visitors. On the other hand, fresh, cool air and accompany our step when walking along the path to the location of the falls.
Lodging or hotel around Grenjengan Waterfall in Pacet-Mojokerto
In the tourist district of Pacet, yet many hotels standing, most lodging and many wake up villas for rent, we are able to rent the villas If arriving in Group and plan on spending the night in the tourist district of Pacet

The price of admission and accommodation Grenjengan waterfall in Pacet-Mojokerto

While visiting the tourist areas in Pacet, I wear a motorcycle. In place of purchase of the ticket I paid IDR 17,000 with details for 2 visitors and 1 motorcycle. Payment of Rp 17,000 only to entrance fees to tourist areas Pacet, to enjoy other accommodations like Padusan hot springs or waterfalls we have to pay the ticket again separately. Ticket purchase counter to the waterfall Grenjengan when it was closed, the reason for that is I got into waterfall late afternoon at around 16.00, so I pitch without tickets free alias hee ... Hee, who is supposed to pay the entrance fee of Rp. 5,000

Enjoy a sightseeing experience story Waterfall Grenjengan in Pacet-Mojokerto

From the place of purchase of the ticket, we had to pass the streets uphill towards the Padusan hot springs, just down the street there's been officers who prosecute standby ticket us. To go to the Grenjengan waterfall we just turn to the right after a spot investigation of ticket (of course we got to our first vehicle parking, bike parking charges in the tourist district of Pacet around Rp. 5,000). From where the ticket investigation, us the way to the right around 800 m to the location of the waterfall by walking, the path is very uphill and ngos make a. .. ngosan.. but after that the path is flat and stay abreast of the trail to the waterfall.
Along the way we will meet food and beverage sellers, we are able to stop by if not carry stock eat or drink, go the way again we will pass through the streets full of trees on the right and left and all refreshing green eyes. Tour the lowliest Pacet is also often used to camp the Scouts or nature lovers, masbodoh and cool air will we feel at this location

After about 15 minutes it will sound is the rumble of the water, this menadakan we've been friendly with the location of the falls. From a distance the waterfalls is already visible, creating a faster running footsteps may quickly up to the location. Once the location of the penderasan Grenjengan, narcissus fotopun starts, shooting the camera started taking photos here and there, satisfied after taking photos penderasan Grenjengan, now it's time we enjoy the water from the waterfall of Grenjengan, we water very pronounced in the skin and are undoubtedly fresh.

After enjoying one of the tourist attractions in East Java this or rather attractions in Pacet, Mojokerto-this step foot back stepping toward the direction of vehicle parking, a cluster of food stalls around the parking location made us stop by to fill the stomach started to feel hungry. A large selection of dishes in these stalls, like Meatball, soto, penyetan rice, fried rice, a variety of fried snack, roasted corn and many other options

I've been tasting the chill of Grenjengan waterfalls in Pacet, Mojokerto is-now it's your turn the chance of tasting the chill, a happy holiday in the tourist district of Pacet-Mojokerto

Grenjengan Waterfall Mojokerto