Kakek Bodo Waterfall

When we were about to climb Mount Arjuna or mount Welirang via Tretes, we will pass the Kakek Bodo waterfall.
The scenery around the waterfall is very beautiful. There is also a garden for relax as well as a campsite which is pretty crowded teenagers.
The cool air ranges between 12 °-18 ° C with roadways and a rather precipitous decline provides experience for young people or parents visiting Kakek Bodo waterfall.
Kakek Bodo Waterfall has falled water around 40 meters and located at an altitude of 850 m above sea level.

Location of the kakek bodo waterfall is located in a tourist area on the slopes of Mount Tretes Welirang Mountain in Prigen, East Java. The grandfather in the village of Bodo Tretes, Prigen, Pasuruan Regency, East Java province.
When viewed on a map and GPS coordinates, kakek bodo waterfall were on point 7 ° 41 ' 51 "S 112 ° 37 ' 41" e. Precisely he is inside the protected forest area in RPH Prigen, BKPH Mace West, unity of Pemangkuan forest (KPH) Pasuruan.

Kakek Bodo Waterfall located between Surabaya and Malang. To be exact it is approximately 51 km from the city of Surabaya toward Malang.
From Malang, mileage to this location is 70 km. Destination trip Kakek Bodo Waterfall very easily reached, because this location is included in the territory travel destinations that are already known as Tretes.
In the journey towards Tretes, there is a temple of the Hindu era relics Jawi. In the area there are many Besides, Tretes hotel and villas, there is also a deer breeding place in the entrance area of the Kakek Bodo waterfall.
In the evening, the climbers are resting on the post of Arjuna and Welirang can relax while enjoying a roasted corn. Hmm, a sensation which served in the middle of the cool mountain Eve.

Kakek Bodo waterfall can be reached through three entrances. One door was on the road through the temples of Jawi, two of which passed the Prigen Safari Park II, and three which is right behind the Hotel.
The door of one and two nearest options being taken of community visitors to go directly to the location of the falls. However, if you want to enjoy a more distant while enjoying the views of others, visitors can enter through the door of the three.
Generally, tourists who pass through the three climbers are Mount Welirang or mount Arjuna or those who aim for camping. For the location of Kakek Bodo waterfall was including a campsite used for camping.

Facilities available at the tourist sites of the kakek bodo waterfall include shelters, children's play area, a small mosque and small stalls food peddlers.
There is also a swimming pool and campsite. Entrance to the swimming pool is about Rp 5,000 per person.
On location tours Tretes also has many hotels and villas for rent.

Perhaps many are wondering, why the waterfall is named after the grandfather of Bodo. It cannot be separated from the legend of the enclosing this location.
The legend that grew in the middle of the surrounding communities originated from the story of the sacred tomb of Grandfather Bodo located near the waterfall.
In addition, the story of Grandpa Bodo also cannot be released from the cave to meditate under a waterfall. The waterfall is named "Grandpa Bodo" because it is associated with a legend that tells of a grandfather called stupid as Grandpa (in Javanese language: bodo).
According to local residents, "Grandpa Bodo" was a family housekeeper Netherlands. He was a pious and honest.
At one time, the grandfather wanted to purify himself and closer with its creator. Top of the desire, the grandfather then chose to leave the asceticism with worldly problems.
He then left the family of the Netherlands place worked it to meditating and asceticism. Of course the master felt so lost by decision of the grandfather. They also persuade former aides was to return home.
But all sorts of persuasion is that they do turns out to be in vain. The maid would still like to live alone in a lonely forest and is close to the waterfall.
Because of that, his family's former employer the Netherlands the grandfather then abandonment of the grumpy and called former aides such as grandfather Bodo. Parents are Stupid!
Well, the term melekatnya thus, up until now the name attached to being a term for a beautiful waterfall in the location where the bertapanya grandfather was.
It turns out that the grandfather then meditation activities bringing results. According to legend, after meditating the grandfather has advantages or supernatural powers which he later used to help local people who ask for help.
After some time, the grandfather of Bodo and asceticism he died at the scene. His grave is still located on the site and the sacred by the locals. Until now, the tomb of his grandfather Bodo visited pilgrims from various major cities.
In fact, according to the gatekeeper, the tomb of his grandfather the Bodo also frequented the magnifying and officials in the country.
Regardless of the true or whether the legend, location tours Grandfather Bodo provides variety of Enchantment. In addition to enjoying the natural beauty, can also enjoy independence by camping, and can make a pilgrimage to meet spiritual thirst.
For the latter, any tourists are free to believe or not. Clear, beautiful sights is suitable for variety of refreshing activity to remove the exhausted it.

WANA wisata waterfall Grandfather Bodo is not simply present the water that falls from the height of the ridge. But in this location there is also a means of playing a fairly adequate.
For example, there are also a swimming pool and a playground for children. Once inside the site, tourists will also be pampered with shades of green mountain scenery typical of chic and charming.
Waterfall Grandfather Bodo punggang fell from a ridge approximately 40 metres. The water is crystal clear. It feels fresh and tend to cool.
To reach the waterfall Grandfather Bodo, tourists have to walk approximately 800 metres, passing through the trail.  Many twists in the road but it’s not very uphill.
On the left and right side of the road there are beautiful gardens. In the midst of the anticipated travel that path, visitors will arrive at a small hill Court.
Pine trees of ten years old looks sturdy houses of the Court. Certainly it gives a sense of shade and views of green color dominated everywhere.

If the trip continues, the fresh mountain air will be increasingly felt. No wonder, this waterfall has been known by Europeans in particular the Netherlands since the days before independence. Perhaps, they are not strangers to the cold air that does not vary much with the condition in their hometown in Europe.
After passing a small bridge crossing over the river clear water Rocky, visitors will meet a cungkup Tomb. It is said that's where the place of the grandfather of Bodo.
After the location of the tomb of his grandfather Bodo, a natural shades and the mystical menggelayuti will be increasingly likely to travel. Old trees hundreds of years old that are in the right and left side of the road trip was complete.
The roots of the tree are sometimes encountered a strong transverse in the middle of the road. Shady atmosphere make the trip far enough it could not make tired when stepping. Moreover, on the left there are also crystal clear water river. The sound of water that lapped the melodious sounds of wild birds disahuti sound charming.
Totally fitting atmosphere to refresh the soul. Moreover, with a view of the green color dominated in every corner, adds beautiful mesmerizing.

Finally, at the end of a basin, the hills, the beside sights. This is the main charm. Water slide fall unhindered.
The beauty of the area of the Kakek Bodo waterfall not only until there. If you still like the streets, visitors can still continue its ride to the Hill to the right of the waterfall. Tracking across the footpath will be capable of harmonizing the body with natural energy.
At the end of the journey, visitors will arrive at the hills filled with pine trees Merkusii. The Name Grandfather Bodo Campsites. This is the ideal location for camping. But, if not interested in camping, continued to walk towards the direction of the forest. Follow the small rivers.
At the end of the River, the visitor will find water pouring out of the cliffs. His form in the form of terraced Waterfall called Waterfall peregrine falcons. This waterfall is not less beautiful with a waterfall Grandfather Bodo below.
But, for to get there need extra power. Maybe only young kids and have the adventurous spirit can be captive.

Kakek Bodo Waterfall