Tamban Beach Malang

Speaking charm of the southern coast of malang really endless lined beaches that offer the beauty of white sand and a unique natural scenery is able to make the curious treveller, no wonder if the holidays arrive the city became the destination of many tourists from out of town especially Surabaya sidoarjo spends liburnya on several destinations in the city of malang, or like in the clungup coast really charm beauty is still very natural, the beaches of goa China which has the uniqueness of who is able to pull the visitor and at this time i will share information on other beaches are also many tourists gemari tamban, beach beach is also still very natural and has a beauty that not less pampering, a beautiful white sand and gentle will spoil your footing when walking along the beach, tamban Blue Crystal-clear sea water which comes with views of the towering cliffs and cool green trees will welcome your views while on the beach. a lot of things you can do on the beach and tamban here some information about the charm of beach tourism tamban malang.

History Of The Unfortunate Tamban Beach

In the Java language, Tamban meaning drugs (Tombo). It is said that in the past the water on the beach this drug be for tamban three Kyai forest-dwelling near the coast at 1800s. third Kyai include Kyai Ngastowo, Kyai Mangun and Kyai Yaser. When they want to membabat forest, the kyai's third request authorization to Kyai Truono Sumitro, an elder in the village Suwaru.
After they get permission, they started mebabat forest and in the middle of the process they feel thirsty until finally got sick because of the water shortage. Because it is very difficult to find the water to be drinking at that time, only there is only water in the river is very dirty. In the end they are drinking the river water and it tastes very bitter.
Tamban Beach Malang
Finally they try to drink seawater on the beach tamban. not unexpectedly, seawater feels like the taste of fresh water, then ill they lost. Because water are healed them then water it is called water tamban or water medication.
Ticket Prices, Routes, Location, As Well As The Unfortunate Tamban Beach Address
Tamban coastal route from Surabaya to Malang directly there are 2 trails that you can choose to get to the beach Tamban. The first line of the city's Poor heading towards Pakishaji Kepanjen towards Gondang Legi towards Sumbermanjing Wetan Turen heading heading heading Tambakrejo Beach site Tamban.

For the route of the second line to the beach, to the city of Surabaya tamban straight toward Malang follow directions to Bululawang follow the instructions to the Turen Sumbermanjing Wetan to follow the instructions then Tambakrejo Beach Tamban.

The price of the entrance ticket to the hapless Tamban Beach is around Rp 6,000 per person, and the parking fee of about 10,000 beubah bias when – time, this price is quite affordable to enjoy its excellent Beach Tamban Malang. Can be reached by private car or motorbike

Shore excursions these unfortunate tamban administratively located in the hamlet of Tambakrejo, tamban Sumbermanjing, Malang, East Java 65176. Indonesian
Some of the Activities you can do in the unfortunate Tamban Beach
Not just relax on the white sands of the beautiful panorama views and spoil the sea in this beach you can also do activities fishing if you like fishing.
You also bisamenyewa boat belonging to the fishermen of local people who are ready to deliver you to the Island Sempu not far from the beach Tamban. Or just simply surround the beach. Per boat is capable in body 15-20 people at a cost of 20,000 rupiah per diver

Facilities at the Tamban beach  Malang
The Inn on the beach in Tamban, to site around the beach hotels such as very rare Tamban found or its location far from the coast. But do not worry what this Tamban Beach tourism area also available wooden house lodging accommodations priced lodging at the beaches of this variety of tamban depending on type of room. There are elegant rooms for 2orang per room, there is also a dormitory type can be 6-10 content per room. Wooden houses can also be accommodate people up to 150 in one home. Need to be in the know on the beach lodging is also available in the form of Tamban Homestay or House local residents that you can live with fees that cost much cheaper. Or if you want more efficient you soulless traveler can set up tents around camping beach tamban

For public facilities on the beach this is quite complete tamban several amenities generally include food and beverage vending stalls, toilets, a prayer hall and a parking Area. So no need to worry
So Ctrav traveller small note about shore excursions tamban malang. May the little note this article can become a reference of your vacation. If there are less or wrong info can be added in the comments.

Tamban Beach Malang