Jurug Goa Luweng Park Blitar

Jurug Goa Luweng Park Blitar

Blitar Regency is a district located in the coastal area of ​​Java, with geographical conditions in the form of limestone hills. Which borders directly with the southern sea of ​​Java, which is famous for waves and beaches - beaches. Because the area is in the form of mountains, south Blitar regency certainly has a variety of natural tourism potential, from cave waterfalls or hills. This time about the trip will discuss one of the natural tourism potential of Blitar regency in the form of a cave that has air to reach.

Jurug Park Goa Luweng Bakung Blitar

Jurug cave luweng is a cave tourist attraction in the mountains of southern Blitar. This cave is not too deep, but it is quite extensive. The hallmark of the cave, Luweng is a small waterfall in the cave that adds to the coolness of this place. Outside the cave there is also a small waterfall or waterfall with a height of approximately 3 meters. With a view of the surrounding green forests and fresh.
Jurug Goa Luweng Park Blitar

Location of Goa Luweng Jurug Park

Administratively, the location of the cave goers is in the hamlet of Prodo, Ngrejo Village, Bakung District, Blitar district, East Java, 66163 Indonesia. About 35 kilometers away from the center of Blitar with a distance of about 40 minutes - 1 hour trip. Can be taken with a private 2-wheeled vehicle or 4-wheeler. With ok road conditions.

Route to Goa Luweng Cave Park

Route from Surabaya city, if you are from Surabaya just go to Blitar city then follow the instructions to Kademangan or Tulungagung until the Kademangan Bridge turn left follow the instructions to Tambakrejo Beach. If you have met the banyan intersection, follow the instructions to the trident or daffodil monument. Continue to follow the instructions until you meet the village of Ngrejo.If you have entered the village, look to the right of the road, there is a banner for the entrance to the Luweng cave.

Entrance Ticket Prices + Facilities of Goa Luweng Jurug Park.

For the price of admission tickets to the flexible cave park, it was still free, only got 5000 parking, and even then it was a free guide for the children of the local residents. Very cheap not. For the facility, it was only a parking lot, there was no toilet or mosque.
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