Talun Waterfall Batu Malang

Coban Talun tour Batu town is the latest must-see

The tourist town of Batu in East Java was always riveting to visit. Not only because of the existence of various tourist destinations and interesting rides but also because of the natural resources that exist. A town in the central region of Malang Malang city and County also is getting interesting because most of the tourists with the goal was unfortunate certainly also want to pay a visit to the rock. One of the attractions in the stone that is increasingly experiencing the development of Tourism is Coban Talun. The following information.

Talun Waterfall Batu Malang
If hearing the word "Coban", then immediately thought that it was a waterfall. Yes, Coban Coban Rondo equal the Talun and other Poor areas in coban, who was Sightseeing Waterfall in Malang. This first tour of Talun Coban is not as popular as Coban Rondo. But more recently, the development of facilities at tourist attractions makes it more popular. Moreover, with the arrival of the Apache Camp that attracts tourists who love to take pictures or hunting photos.

Coban Talun or Talun waterfall itself is a waterfall with natural scenery which is actually still very natural. You can reach the waterfall by doing trekking and passes through pine forest in a very unfortunate. Of course the views will be skipped when trekking is very interesting. Journey to the falls can be reached for approximately 30 minutes. We recommend comfortable footwear for walking on the trail, because access to the waterfall is still very natural from the pine forest itself.

When arriving at the waterfall, you can choose to enjoy a waterfall from the top or from the bottom of the Rock River. There are two paths that can be reach. If from the top of the rocks, then you cannot touch the water and can only be enjoyed from the top. If you want a little spinning and tumbling, then you will get on the river and enjoy the freshness of the water. The location of this tour is also suitable for all ages. But for the seniors, it's best not to waterfall because it took the first 1 km trekking.

Discharge water on Tour this Talun Coban depending on the season. The rainy season, water debit can reach 4,000 liters per second. When the dry season, water debit can be reduced to only 1,000 litres per second. However, the 30-meter high waterfall is still interesting to visit in all seasons. However, be careful when the rainy season, because it could be dangerous.

Location of Talun Coban

Coban Talun were in Batu tour city, namely in the village of Tulungrejo, Kecamatan Bumiaji. Tourism is still a Park area with Religion, so it will be very easy to find it. Travelers who want to go to there could start the journey of Malang as well as stone town.
Coban Talun Facilities

If you visit to tour the Coban Talun several years ago, then maybe the existing facilities are still very modest, namely camping ground under pine forests, toilets, Mosque, and waterfalls. But if you visit at this time, there are many facilities that are there. Here are a few facilities Coban Talun.

Flower Gardens Coban Talun

Floral gardens in the area of Coban Talun this store different types of flowers that are interesting and also beautiful. Surely this attractive floral gardens to be used as background images. Even the photo prewedding can also be done in the flower garden.

Travelers can also see interest as education regarding the kinds of flowers and colorful flowers. Many tourists who are interested in a photo with the background of a beautiful flower.

Tour the garden flowers can also be used as educational tours and attractions Children in Malang because tourists coming could enjoy the beauty while learning about the interest that could be had never previously encountered.

Apache Camp is a vehicle like the hometown Indians were inspired from the Apache tribe. Apache Camp, this is an area that can offer typical Indian tribes trinkets and houses of Indian tribes.

Of which there are approximately 20 Apache Camp whose size approx 4 x 4 meters. Tourists can rent them for the purposes of lodging. Of course with a certain capacity and a certain price.

You can stay at this Camp Apache. But still bring a thick jacket at night, no doubt because of the atmosphere there is very cool and it could be that there are not enough facilities provide warmth

There is one more new rides in Coban Talun, namely Pagupon Camp. Pagupon is another name of a cage of pigeons. As the name suggests, there are several home pagupon for rent as a lodging.

But apart from that there is also an on-site cafeteria, a tree house, and some Unfortunate photos on the Spot. The size of the Pagupon Camp itself is more kruang 4 x 3 meters. There are currently 5 Pagupon House for rent for alternative lodging other than Camp Apache.

To spot the photo it is a lot, like spot butterfly, sunflower spot, and so on.

ATV Rentals Coban Talun

For those of you who want to enjoy the tour there, lively can also rent motor trail aka ATV, You can walk around with your ATV, surely by paying a certain amount of levy rates.


There is a cafe at the Apache camp that hosts the needs of tourists who want to just hang out, buy a drink, or buy food when tired of walking.

Souvenir shop Coban Talun

In the Apache Camp other than there's a cafe there is also a souvenir shop. This souvenir shop selling special objects typical of Indian tribes. If you are interested, can buy a number of things in there, such as clothes, or other accessories. The price is also not so expensive.

The Price of Admission

Visiting Coban Talun not too expensive and draining costs. But it is different if you want to stay there. There will be a separate rate. The following details the price who can assist you in planning a vacation to the hapless tourist attractions on this one.

Tour Admission price is IDR10, 000 per person.
Parking fee of IDR5,000.
The price of the entrance ticket to the Apache Camp IDR5,000 per person.
The Apache Camp lodging IDR500,000 per night with fasulutas.
The price of the entrance ticket to the flower garden of IDR5,000 per person.
The price of admission Pagupon Camp IDR5,000 per person.

Thus some explanation about the attractions of Talun Coban interesting to visit. Happy holiday and best wishes for the above information is helpful to you.

Talun Waterfall Batu Malang