Srau Beach Pacitan

Pacitan Tourism
Pacitan Regency is a town in the southwest of the province of East Java, Central Java Province bordering the Indian Ocean, and the famous city by the nickname because of the city's many 1001 have natural tourist destinations as goa, call only the most famous goa gong. In addition to the well known by the nickname 1001 goa pacitan is also famous as the birthplace of the President of the REPUBLIC of INDONESIA to 6 during the two periods. On this occasion ujaey bob didn't want to discuss at length the goa or Pak SBY, discussion of this time on the beach at pacitan tourism destinations.
Did you know already has an awful lot of pacitan coast tourism from an already much visited by tourists as well as have not at all visited by tourists, beach tourism track was damaged until a smooth ride all got.
Actually I am personally less agree if pacitan Regency got a nickname quickly goa, 1001 1001 pacitan coast because of its beaches and lots of cool cool.

Srau Beach

This beach is one of the few beaches in there see a goodly famous Srau Beach itself is a cluster of several small beach which is collected into one location there are about 4 beaches in one location srau beach. Of the four Coast 2 I know the name of the beach for the customers as well as puppet, the info I get from people who are selling around the beach area.
Of all the clusters that are in the beach srau Beach karekteristik sand-all almost the same silky white sand beaches, the surf on the coast of srau is the same as beach beach in the South of the island of Java, a large wavy with the height of the waves average about 1-2 meters. Near srau Beach lots of palms, coconut plantations srau beach place is usually set as a target spot photo for profile photos or seekers to uplod to medsos.In addition to the plantations are no longer srau Beach Photo spot target i.e. the cliff rocks into the separator between the beach, with the backing of the Indian Ocean.

photo by ujaey bob

Location Of Srau Beach

For the location of srau beach is located in the hamlet of srau village of pringkuku sub-district Temple pacitan Regency East Java Indonesia. Mileage srau Beach to the Centre of the town of pacitan, about 1.5 hours around more or less 55kilometer. Can be reached by private car or motorcycle with the condition of the asphalt roads are passable seamlessly. For mini buses may still be but too extreme because the road when approaching the location of the beach is too narrow, with road conditions right left the Gorge.

The easiest route to the srau beach

If you follow the instructions of the solo to the sukoharjo dilanjut instructions to Ngadirojo, got to Pringkuku follow the instructions Ngadirojo pacitan, until in pringkuku search routes to the village temple will meet some of the unmarked srau beach.

Facilities Srau Beach

Srau Beach developed into a shore excursion is certainly already have many public facilities include a community around food stalls selling, market Agate beach srau but it looks like it's been unused time, bathroom and WC, Gazebo, where enjoy the beach and sat down to rest, the mosque parking lot.

The price of admission to the Srau Beach

On the beach there is already this srau Locket so to enter the location of the entrance ticket to mebayar, should not have to worry about the admission to the srau beach is pretty cheap ranging from £ 5000 to £ 7500 – already sekalain parkirnya. If I own the time taxable costs 5000.

Another beauty spot as of srau Beach to stay you can enjoy the Sunset and sunrise on the coast of srau, if you want to enjoy it you could camp set up tents on the beach srau.

Srau Beach Pacitan